Athletic Greens – Nutrition For Athletes

Athletic Greens

Nutrition for athletes is quite different as compared to that of ordinary non-athletic persons. This is because, athletes require an extra source of energy to carry out strenuous activities. One of the superfoods hitting the market is athletic greens.

What Are They?
Athletic Greens is a superfood like whey protein. It is green superfood Athletic Greens drink with digestive enzymes and probiotics. The formula, with adequate energy, makes this superfood very popular. When purchasing superfoods, you should look at the labels and determine the quality of ingredients. This will give you a real value of superfood. It is the well-rounded and excellent profile. It is a mixture of three main types of superfoods: grasses, algae, fruits, and vegetables. Other foods added include broccoli, carrot, spinach, spirulina, and wheatgrass. In fact, it contains over 25 superfoods in one section.

Athletic Greens is quite similar to the protein shake. This food contains over hundred vegetable and fruit extracts. The powder is mixed with juice, milk, or water. One container has over 30 servings. However, you are required to use a tablespoon or less. You can purchase this superfood from the manufacturer or online retailers.

The ingredients of this superfood are divided into four groups:

Athletic Greens Superfoods: These are greens and herbs included for alkalinity and nutrients. Alkalinity is very important for athletes as it helps maintain body pH. This is the case for athletes who fail to consume adequate vegetables. In fact, superfoods make the large part of the powder.

Antioxidants and Herbs: These are most abundant in Athletic Greens. They include citrus, pea protein, and many more.

Mushrooms and Digestive enzymes. The section includes various digestive enzymes such as Shiitake mushrooms and reishi.

Probiotics. This superfood contains offer three billion counts of good bacteria. They are obtained from non-dairy products. They help with the development of natural microflora. This can result in several health benefits.

Athletic Greens contain cocoa extract and green tea extract. You should note that they do not contribute much caffeine.Athletic Greens

For active people and athletes, who this product is marketed to, recommends at least two servings. Therefore, one bottle can last for two weeks. In any case, athletic greens is a supplement with good flavor that supports energy production, the alkalinity of the diet, balanced nutrient intake, and digestive health.

Athletic Greens are a great addition to every athlete’s regimen. It is important for athletes to consume enough vegetables and fruits.