FAQs About Everyday Carry Flashlights


Everyday Carry flashlights are the most common types of flashlights bought from the store. Everyone needs them and should own one. They are used on a daily basis for various purposes either at home or work. The EDC flashlights as are commonly known have in the past raised controversial questions about the qualities they should possess due to different usabilities. As much as one needs to buy bright EDC flashlights, most of the other qualities are relative. These FAQs will help to answer some of the questions you have.

FAQs about the Everday Carry Flashlights

What amount of light should EDC flashlights produce?

FlashlightsUnderstanding the general purpose of the flashlight is crucial. But generally, an EDC flashlight will need to give enough light to light up for the user conveniently. Anything around 2000 lumens of light is a useful beam to see the backyard or a dark corner at home. Since they are used on a daily basis, let the light production be convenient to save the energy source to avoid going back to the shop every day.

What is the best size for an EDC flashlight?

This point has been debated for long. Too big flashlights have been disqualified as the size is not comfortable during the frequent uses. It can be heavy and bulky. Too small one, on the other hand, is considered not to have a grip or to produce small beams of light. Therefore, having a medium size is the best option for the EDC flashlight.

What is the best material for EDC flashlight?

FlashlightsThe EDC flashlights are exposed to all manners of harsh conditions on a daily basis. It can be used in a garage, basement workshop or even during a rainy season. Therefore, having a durable material is the best bet. Some go ahead to make them waterproof which is a very good idea for people who use them near water. One with a rubber coating and hardened glass is good to make it serve you for long.

Where can I buy EDC flashlights?

Understanding about the best EDC flashlight is one thing and knowing where to get the best is another. Reliable web shops will offer some very good options at reasonable prices. Some offer an explanation to justify certain brands they sell. Another benefit of trying this shops is the ability to compare many options they offer. One can only buy a flashlight for either a reliable electronic shop in a town or a supermarket.