A few tips on caring for your dog

caring for your dog

If you are an avid dog lover or you have just received your first puppy, there are a few important facts that will help you take care of your new furry friend. In this article, we will cover the basics that every dog owner should know. You can learn about the many ways you can make your dog’s life happy and comfortable.

Feeding your petcaring for your dog

Your dog needs his food just like you do. You may not have to feed him three times a day as twice should be sufficient. However, you should give it quality food if you want it to be healthy and grow. Beef is a popular choice for dogs but make sure you cook it well. You can also get some dog food from a pet shop or even order online.

Playing with it

Many people do not realize that your dog needs some emotional bonding too. If you don’t play with your pet, they feel ignored and may think that you do not love them. Going for a walk, throwing a ball to get them to fetch are a few simple activities that you must do so that they will know you care.

Get them good health care

When you first get a dog as a pet, you must realize that it is a responsibility. They need to be fed, cared for and kept in good health. Dogs can also fall ill sometimes and therefore; you must take them to the vet periodically for checkups. Make sure you give them their vaccinations on time and any vitamins that will keep them healthy and strong. Many dogs can also get fleas and ticks, and you should get your vet to give them a repellent which will stop these parasites getting onto your pet’s body.

Cleanliness and grooming

caring for your dogMost dogs have a coat of fur which needs to be trimmed from time to time. Do not make it too short in case you live in a cool climate but in case you live in a warm area, you can make it quite short. Ensure you also give them a bath at least once a week so that they will stay clean and fresh as if not, bacteria may start to develop on their skin. You should also clean the area they sleep regularly. Use a disinfectant so that there will be no possibility of any insects or bacteria entering the area.