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If you are considering terminating your gym membership to start your garage gym, then it is one of the greatest ideas you have. A CrossFit garage gym is a perfect place to carry out your workouts and other weight loss exercises conveniently. There are no equipment queues, no monthly dues, no creeps or crowd to disturb you. However, it requires some money up front to build a sustainable CrossFit garage gym. You will need to buy quality equipment for safety and durability purpose. In this blog post, we have come up with a list of CrossFit equipment for Garage Gyms to help you get things started.


Olympic BarbellGarage Gyms

You will need an Olympic weightlifting barbell as one of the main equipment for your CrossFit garage gym. Standard Olympic barbell for men weighs around 20 kg and that of women 15 kg. In fact, the weight difference is not an issue as you can add more weight on the bar. To purchase this equipment, you will need to spend at least $200. A good Olympic Barbell will last long without breakage or get any rust.

Bumper Plates

The next equipment you will need is Bumper Plate. Currently, there is a broad range of Bumper Plates, which you can buy to help you add weight to your newly purchased bar. You will need to stick with reputable brands if you want to get Bumper Plates that can last long. Also, consider buying your bumper plates in sets if you want to get the best deal.

Power Rack/Pull-Up Bar

You can build a ceiling mounted or a wall mounted pull-up bar or simply purchase a power rack. Pull-Up Bars are expensive to purchase or build. If you can’t afford them, it is recommended you go for a power rack. With a power rack, you can do absolutely everything in your gym. You can practice rack pulls, back squat, go heavy on bench and do much more.

Battle Rope/ Jump rope

A battle ropGarage Gymse or jump rope are another CrossFit equipment that you will need in your garage gym if you want to carry out high-intensity workout exercises like Crossfit. The best thing about these ropes is that anyone can afford to them. With less than $10, you can purchase a good rope, and you are good to get started.

In fact, the list of CrossFit equipment for garage gyms is endless. You can also consider other equipment like Weight Bench, Gymnastic Rings, Kettlebells, Squat Box, Plyometric Box and Medicine Ball.

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